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Shamanic Healing Techniques in Los Angeles

Spiritual Life Guidance

If you’re struggling with direction, purpose or clarity in your life, this is the support you will greatly appreciate. Jason accesses a wealth of knowledge from the teachings of an enlightened master of yoga and a shamanic master from Peru. The intention of this work is to assist one in discovering and clarifying one’s life purpose. Too, we address the obstacles that are keeping one from living and embodying their purpose.

This guidance gives you the awareness and the tools to apply to living harmoniously with yourself, your thoughts, your life and the universe. This work is the bridge from where you are and where you choose to be!


Shamanic Energy Medicine

This is an integration of ancient shamanic healing processes that aid in clearing the physical, emotional, and karmic imprints from our luminous field. This style of work allows us to embrace and move through our stories of past pain and energetic knots. A shift in perception often occurs where the trauma becomes a faint memory, no longer defining our archaic way of being.

These sessions also strengthen one’s immune system, promote longevity and combust toxic energies in the body, mind, chakra walls and energetic field. This work includes personal and group ceremony, energetic cleansing, current and past life healing, soul/destiny retrieval, energetic extractions and much more to assist one in realizing their wholeness. We can truly shift our momentum tunnel towards our soul’s deepest purpose. This work is complimented with spiritual-life guidance to usher in the application of the work into our daily lives.



Wellness Assessment

There are many ways to test our health as well as what foods and supplements would be most beneficial for us. One of the most accurate forms of pinpointing what is needed to create optimal health is through morphogenic muscle testing. With this work the body will tell us what is out of alignment and what the body needs to harmonize for health… and this can all be done in a matter of minutes. The testing is accurate and the results are amazing!




Land & Space Clearing

Sometimes our property, either the land or our home, may need an energetic tune up similar to that of our bodies or car. Often our home will have imbalances due to many reasons, such as, where they are positioned on the earth, the actions and energies of the people who lived there before you, or spirits who may congregate on our near our property. Through different energetic techniques these challenges can be balanced and harmonized so one can have a more peaceful experience in their home and on their land.



Cranial Sacral Energy Work

Through focus and intention, one taps into the movement of the cranial wave (involuntary muscle contractions that are relayed through the spinal cord and brain with its center being the spiritual heart). This work supports the harmonizing of the body’s energy system as well as the cranial and sacral bones. This balancing can relieve many states of disease, headaches, TMD, physical, emotional and past life trauma.




With over 15 years of experience, Jason has integrated his own style of long, strong strokes that move with the flow and contours of the body as well as deep, centered techniques to move through crystallized areas of the body. He integrates Swedish, deep tissue, Tai Chi-like movements for a relaxing and healing massage. This massage can be complimented with healing stones and crystals to assist in moving physical, emotional and energetic blockages.



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