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Teaching of Jason Frahm

Chi Kung

Chi kung is an art and a science of moving chi/prana (life force) based on martial arts movements. Through focus of the mind, emphasis on breath and body movement achieved is a state of meditation. The intention for this specific practice is to promote healing, longevity and spiritual advancement.



Jason integrates various meditations he has learned from several masters from a variety of traditions. The meditations have origins in tantric yoga, hatha yoga, Taoist yoga, chi kung, shamanism, and channeled meditations. These take form in ceremony, mantras, kriyas (movements), pranayama (breath work), sensory, visualizations and shaktipat.


Shaktipat is an ancient tantric yoga tradition where a divine energy (shakti) is passed from preceptor to seeker to awaken one’s kundalini, leading one on their pathway home to being, consciousness and bliss. This ignition releases the prana (life-force) within to work freely generating various spontaneous yoga processes – asanas, mudras and pranayamas. Ultimately this gift brings one into conscious union with god and total liberation. Jason has been blessed with this blessing power with the guidance of Sri Shankarcharaya, a world renowned meditation master. Please contact Jason for the date and time of the monthly program.


Jason has 12 years of experience in a variety of hatha styles — the practice can range from a relaxing yin/restorative style of class using props and long holds to stretch, relax, and heal the body or a stronger practice with deep integrative holds focusing on the breath and asana alignment. Classes are held at Exhale (Venice, California), Inner Power Yoga (Calabasas, California) and The Ashram (Calabasas, California).

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