The 7 Chakra Meditation

7 Weeks to Manifest & Thrive in your Life’s Purpose


Meditation Classes in Los Angeles

As we move into fall, it is a perfect time to deepen our meditation. This workshop will guide you through seven of our most important centers in the body to realign our energy system and clarify our life intentions.


We will learn a bit about each chakra and how they inform us in life. We’ll then journey into each one of these centers to clear any toxic residue, balance the power and potency and awaken the highest potential for our destiny!


1st – Muladhara: Transform fear into Empowerment

2nd – Swadhistana: Translate emotional congestion into clear seeing and living

3rd – Manipura: Stabilize our will power, self esteem and intuition

4th – Anahata: Expand our love to unconditional love

5th – Vishuddha: The avoidance of conflict grows into sharing truth with compassion

6th – Ajna: The actions of illusion are enlightened by unity

7th – Sahasara: Embodying “being-consciousness-bliss”

Our time together will inspire you to create a daily meditation and give you tools on how to carry that into your daily life ultimately creating Peace in the Mind!

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Mandala Ceremony for Liberation

Meditation Classes in Los AngelesWe will commune on top of the mountain to offer our gratitude, our clarity, and our intentions for peace, joy and freedom to the spirits of the lands, the elements, and the heavens.


This is the one time i am opening and holding space for a group ceremony this year. This is an amazing opportunity to gather and open the gateways within for LIBERATION!


*** Despacho-Mandalas are an ancient form of ceremony used in the South Americas by the shaman in the high-Andes. This form of ceremony is traced back from today to the Incas to the early populations of South America.


These ceremonies are offerings to the cosmology of mother earth, father sun, the elements and our band of angles to express our gratitude for life and all that is given to us as well as humbly requesting support and fruition in arenas of our lives and those around us (ie. inner peace, relationships, fruition of projects, etc). This is an amazing way to harmonically transform how we view the world and how the world responds to us!


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Directions: meeting at cafe mimosa (topanga cyn blvd/fernwood pacific dr.)


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7 Week Online Workshop



7 Weeks to Manifest & Thrive in your Life’s Purpose   Meditation Classes in Los AngelesCourse Includes:


  • Complete video and slide presentations from each week
  • Mp3 audio (so you can listen on the go)
  • Powerful home study materials and guidance questions are also provided to explore the teachings in depth.
  • Full access to all teaching materials will enable you to listen and do the sessions on your own schedule in case you have to miss any of the live sessions.
  • You will also be able to ask Jason questions throughout the training, privately and on the live calls.

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Traveling Workshops


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