Cut the Cords – Freedom is Waiting

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Have you ever wondered why as a child your mom knew exactly what you were doing almost all the time, how she knew if something was wrong with you or if you were getting into trouble?  And often you were some place else, far from home.  Maybe she still has these hits today?

Have you ever experienced being in a breakup and no matter how hard you tried it was nearly impossible to stay away from this person let alone stop thinking about this person?

Might you have met someone who seems so tethered to their land or home that they seldom ever leave the home or their town and if they do their belly gets tied in knots?  And, maybe you’ve experienced a gut wrenching difficulty in making a pivotal transition in your life where you even know the change is needed, yet day after day – year after year you end up remaining right where you are?

In all of these situations there may be an opportunity to cut the energetic cords with that person, place or entity.  In shamanism it is
a common part of the work with self and community to be a guide and conduit.  Part of this is being able to cut the cords of our past and those that are binding and be fully ready to be in the present.  What we find is that these cords often keep us from being present and moving forward in life.

I personally have seen cords connected to people, to churches, to land, to homes, to plants, to animals, to beings who have already
crossed over and to people one does not even know……just to name a few. Sometimes these cords are needed, for example, when a mother births a child. There is a time where that child is fully dependent on the mother for life and an energetic cord becomes a tool to keep track of where her child is and gauge how her child is doing.  In this example a cord may be needed for the first several years of this child’s life – but do we need to maintain this form of connection for one’s whole childhood or life?

So, now the questions are: 1. what are these cords?   2. how do you create them?  3. how do you cut them? Energetic cords are tools that we use to connect with another, not unlike the way we use a rope to secure us to the side of a cliff when climbing.  In this example, we need that rope while we’re scaling the slate wall.  And after we have climbed that wall and are on stable ground, we normally take the rope off.  The funny thing is with energetic cords, we keep them connected long after they are seemingly needed.  It would be like us walking around with the rope still connected to us and the cliff.  Long after we’ve climbed out we can’t figure out why we remain bound to that place? Until we consciously untie the rope/cut the cord, we will remain knotted at some level to that being or thing we connected to.

To put it simply, cords are created most often by two participating parties.  One connects a cord to another and the other person receives that cord/connection.  This can be done consciously or unconsciously. Most often the participants have no idea how they connected and then they get so wrapped up in a tangled ball of yarn that the process of unraveling is so arduous that it seems seemingly impossible to unwind.

The other way of creating of cords is the way that we attach to a person, place or thing as if wanting to fulfill something inside of us.  Inrelationship, when we identify ourselves with that outer reflection, we become highly prone to energetically attaching to that subject.

Now to answer the final question.  This is simple, yet seems quite difficult to put into practice………first, LET GO!  One must truly go into the depths of self to be willing to let go of whatever we have attached to. Once that choice is there, even if the other party does not have the same willingness, the cord can be permanently cut.  You can cut it by imagining your hand as a samurai sword and slicing through wherever the cords seem to be on you.  Another way is to have someone do it for you.  The key is having a clear willingness to sever the attachment.  The relationship may continue, but the cord is relinquished.

This is a grand step to living your Freedom.

Many blessings on your journey to wholeness.


this was an amazing article, could you explain cutting the cord but maintaining the relationship, what does that mean?

also I have been to a class or two of yours in venice, currently i am in india ,but have been inspired by all the newsletters and such………I will be in california in oct and would like to do some self work, I have recently cut most of the cords and now physically moving to costa rica at a retreat ,its totally out of my comfort zone……
i would appreciate i f i could have some sessions ….

Cheers, a really interesting read

really looking forward to your next post!