Death and the IRS

By · April 15, 2011 · Filed in Reflection & Empowerment

Death and the IRS
We have all heard of the phrase, “the only thing we can not avoid is death and taxes”.  Here we are again, another year at tax time. There are many avenues to address with our state of being in this time and our relationship with taxes.  Yet today, I’m not really interested in feeding the fire of taxes, I would like to address our relationship with death.

In my work with clients, guiding beings into wholeness I often ask what they are afraid of.  We will identify what seems to be the fear (ie. losing the job, being abandoned by a friend) etc.  Then when we unwind this fear to its core we discover something much deeper, a fear connected to death.  Most often it is a fear of dying and also   not fulfilling one’s purpose while here on this planet.  Amazing, we will begin with a fear of losing a friend or a job and the root returns to death and purpose time and time again.

Often I hear people say that they are not afraid of death, but are much more afraid of being maimed or hurt in a way that feels unimaginable.  And yet what we do not realize when we say this is that at the root we are fearing death.  Death comes in all forms of change.  And what does our ego resist most?  CHANGE!  At all costs the ego will attempt to keep us right where we are no matter how uncomfortable……..all simply to feel safe.

Ponder this for a moment.  How many times in your life have you been in a job, relationship, a situation you knew was no longer the place for you.  But, how long after knowing the guy your with is not the one you want to wake up to did you stay? How many more months, years, even decades of misery and suffering did you endure while staying in that relationship that was already over in your heart.  We’ve had enough and yet we stay for more and more and more!  This is our fear, our ego’s fear of change.

In change there is death…..death to what we have known and this is bloody scary.  The ego feels it will remain as long as it stays where it is, but if a change is made there is a chance that the ego will no longer live or thrive…….it does not want to take that chance.  So, it will do everything it can to keep you right where you are no matter how miserable it is……..just to feel safe.

Rest assured, if we are still resisting change in any form, we have yet to master our fear of death. Some say our whole life in this body is in preparation for the one moment when we expire and transition to the afterlife.  What we did in this life will strongly influence how we die and transition.

So, what do we do?  More so, I would ask, “how are we living?”  What are we doing to     discover our purpose and then to live it?  How often are we going to our edges and even beyond our comforts to grow?  How willing are we to let go of attaching ourselves and identifying ourselves to people, places and things (all that are sure to fall away at some point – we surely cant can’t take them with us when we pass) ?  Where are we putting our energy – career, relationship, health, and play? What’s left for sacredness?  Have we thought of  infusing sacredness into these transient parts of life?  How much time are we putting into the evolution of our soul and our relationship
with Consciousness (that which is permanent)?

We may not be able to avoid taxes and the death to the body, yet we surely can influence how we pay our taxes and how we transition.  Our
core purpose is realization. How we live it in this incarnation is secondary.  Serving impermanence is serving the unconscious death while serving that which is ever-lasting is serving Moksha (freedom).  What do you choose?  What are doing about it?  Isn’t it time?