Effects of Meditation on our Daily Lives


“Ninety-nine percent of the spiritual path is the company you keep”

– Dhyan Yogi (Indian Saint)
It’s an amazing meditation quote. It kind of turn’s one upside down to understand that the company we keep might have such a dramatic effect on our lives and path of awakening. When I first heard this I delved into my relationships to see who was supporting my growth, who I felt good when around them, and after being with them, and who I felt crummy with while in their company… during or afterwards.


Earlier in my path, I realized there were many relationships that I needed to shift. Some were to fall away, yet with others the archetypical story that we’d created required a change; the roles that we’d assumed and the repetitive habits of the relationship had both asked for transformation.

In this metamorphosis of relationships with friends, who were primarily interested in partying or being fully committed to living in the world of Fox News and ESPN, our energies no longer resonated and our time together progressively reduced to nil. In my relationships with my mom, my dad, my sister, and others who were to remain in my life… I did the shifting within in which I changed, hence my role in these relationships transfigured as well.


The people who are in my life today are invited to remain so long as they are not a detriment to my wholeness and wellbeing.


The company we keep does not end with our relationships. It also relates to the companions that occupy our thoughts. What are we thinking about all day long? What influences our thought patterns? What are we feeding our mind through TV, movies, video games, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and the World Wide Web? What foods are we taking in that are a detriment to maintaining a healthy body, mind, energetic field, and positive outlook on life?

Healthy Relationships

We’re going to delve into some of the relationships that we have with the things that often become the major obstacles in our daily life to challenge our peaceful, present state of mind.


Recently, my life partner Veronica and I watched the movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. We’d heard from many people how good it was, so we ordered it from Netflix. I had no idea what we were in for in this thriller-mystery.


In the past several years both of us have specialized our viewing selections to those that are inspirational and light-hearted. We prefer not to empower the energy of negativity in the films that we view. The intention is to support what is subtly informing our psyche.

Healing Through Meditation

Well, this flick certainly threw us over those edges with graphic rape, revenge, and violent scenes. From a critical perspective of movies, this movie is entertaining and stirs a lot of emotions. We both understood why others applauded the film for its quality. However, the mark that it left on our subconscious was not worth it.


Many of us know of the studies showing how viewing TV alters our brainwave state into an alpha state. In this state we are relaxed and susceptible to suggestive material, so whatever we’re watching goes right into our subconscious mind.