The Art of Living Simply

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More Pie for Me (The Art of Living Simply)

Living simply mind body & spirit……..imagine all of the things you own (the cars, the homes, the furniture, the art, the clothes, the jewelry, the nick-knacks, and sentimental items), the people you know (your spouse, kids, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, and your 3 month old puppy), and all the responsibilities you have (the job, your marriage, supporting your kids and maybe your parents, paying the bills, helping friends in need, school projects, all the way to mowing the lawn and washing the dishes), and then your daily calendar of to do’s (taking a shower, getting the kids ready for school, going to work, dropping off the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, meetings, working out or going to yoga, cleaning the house, the evening date or watching your favorite TV programs, and then maybe your meditation before bed).

Think about all of the ‘have to’s’, the ‘musts’, the ‘shoulds’ you live in a day, and then even the hopes (I have to finish that report by noon, I must sit with Johnny and talk to him about his grades, I should call my mom, and I hope we have sex tonight or I hope we don’t have to have sex tonight).  And then all the thoughts that are threaded to these  ~  How many of these things and beings actually give back as much as you put into them or even give back a fraction of what you put into them.  How many of the people in a day that you spend time with give something back to you where you actually feel like you have more energy than before you were with them?

If we have a whole apple pie that represented the amount of energy you have to expend in a day.  How much pie would you have left at the end of the day?  Did anyone or anything actually give you some of the pie back?

In regards to consciousness and waking up, the mystics correlate the cultivation and maintenance of energy as a key factor to our awakening. If the pie is continually being eaten up by all of the things to do people to see in a day, will there be anything left for us? This is why the ancient yogis at some point would walk away from it all to live in simplicity, to let go of all the responsibilities and all the cords attached to the roles we so feverishly attempt to fill in a day.  They would walk away from all this so they were no longer bound to these external demands of their time and energy.  They would be FREE form at least this external piece of draining of energy.

One might say how are my car and all my things costing me my energy?  I need my car to get to work, my home to sleep and flourish in and food & water to live.  This may be true that these are some of your basic needs.  Then what are all of things you have that are beyond the basic needs?  For instance the second jacket you have in the closet that was bought because it was on sale and you wanted it because………, but you don’t really need this one.

How does this take energy?  First, it took money to buy it and money is energy.  It took some energy for you to earn that money.  Second, space is also energy and the jacket takes up some space.  Now if you get it dirty or ripped you may have to take it to the cleaners and have it cleaned or mended which will also cost money and your time to take it there. There is also the energy that was expended when the jacket got ripped…….how upset did you get?  How much energy did you spend in your mind over this jacket?  Did it also become an impetus to being upset with the person who ripped it?  How much energy in the life span of this extra jacket have you put in?  Maybe a days worth of energy, all over a jacket you didn’t even need!

Now this is just the jacket.  Track through how much energy is expended with the one friend who always needs you.  How much extra stuff do you have that simply takes up space and energy?  How much attachment do you have to these things?  Each thing, each being, each event we are connected to takes energy to maintain. How much energy do you have left for you……..for your growth, for your awakening?

Simplifying is a practice, a practice that can begin with the simple stuff.  It may begin with a cleaning of all the junk that is stored in the closets, basements and garage.  Next we may gift the closet of extra clothes, shoes, purses, etc. that have not been used or worn in the past year except maybe that long pearl white gown that always saves you in a pinch when you have nothing else to wear.  Then you may consider letting go of the extra tv, the extra car, the old computer that now just collects dust.  After that we may do an inventory of all of our relationships to discover if there are any friends or even family members who cause so much turmoil that you would be better served by severing the relationship………start simply.

Would you be much happier if there was a certain someone no longer in your life?  Start with a few of the apples that are ready to fall of the tree anyway and let them go.  Then look at your schedule.  How can you reduce the to-do’s in a day an hour so you have some time for yourself, for meditation or for an activity that actually gives back to you…… can you eventually have half the pie for you, for your awakening?


Great reminder!! am going through my closet again…for the 3rd time and letting go of more. yippii

Such a magnificent reminder. I just recently felt inspired and compelled to do an inventory so to speak, a clearing, of all of my stuff and get rid of stuff that I do not need or that I know could benefit another – and take those items to shelters (women’s, homeless etc.) and also to homeless people on the street.

I think I might just go through my stuff again and see what else I can “simplify”. And I love how you bring up weeding out the people, or as you say “severing” the relationship. I believe this is absolutely important in life. I think as a culture and as humans we adopt the belief that once you gain a relationship you must always stick with that person, you must put up with everything. But sometimes it is to the detriment of our well being and we have to ‘pull out the weeds’ so to speak in order to fully blossom into the amazing beings we are. Connecting more and more with our higher self.

Thank you for these words of wisdom. Peace and blessings to you. Namaste.