Jason Frahm - The At-Onement Prject

Building Collaborative and Thriving Sustainable Communities with Indigenous Cultures


Our Mission


The At-Onement Project is committed to building collaborative and thriving sustainable communities with indigenous cultures. Our mission is to cultivate continued growth and peaceful awareness through education, global accessibility, conscious integration and the preservation of ancient healing wisdom traditions.

The At-Onement Proejct, (AOP) – works in collaboration with tribal elders with an emphasis on the expansion of mental, emotional and physiological healing programs which foster healthy interdependence and build personal and community empowerment. Cross cultural programs provide the necessary education and tools for continued development and inspired creativity around caring for oneself and surrounding communities.

The At-Onement Project is committed to offering greatly needed support to impoverished children, indigenous cultures and their families. Specifically, we facilitate social and educational programs that provide basic necessities and the needed skills to break out of the cycle of poverty and thrive through sustainable methods. Primary emphasis is placed on the honoring, preservation and development of programs which expand ancient wisdom cultures and heritage.

Current efforts are focused in Peru – the Sacred Valley, Cusco and Pucallpa – but will expand in the coming years to include Native American communities in the United States of America and other indigenous cultures in need.

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