Action and Growth

health healing jason frahm at-onement children families indigenous assist growth communityWe believe in cultivating holistic environments where people can thrive individually and in community. From this reciprocal foundation, creativity and collaboration naturally emerge as unique forms of expression come into BE-ing toward creation of a greater whole for the greatest good.

Sustainability Programs

Throughout 2012 on our treks to Peru, talks are being continued toward developing medicinal plant education, cultural exchange programs, ceremonial knowledge and profound depth experience in soul growth and healing. Opportunities are continuing toward expanded teachings from honored shamans and master healers in remote villages founded on Ancient Incan culture and wisdom.

Sustainable products are being explored utilizing the Amazon forests in ways that build economically viable and sustainable ways of life where indigenous tribes and children can flourish while also maintaining honored ancestral traditions.

In addition, plans continue toward development of eco-tourism and permaculture in other parts of Peru and North American communities in partnership with universities. These cultural exchange programs will give people the chance to experience the joy of SEVA (service) while building sustainable environments with Peruvian orphanages, jungle villages and North American Indian reservations. Excursions will enable community and individual experience about the way of life for indigenous peoples in a variety of environments.

Preservation of Ancient Incan & Native American Cultures

Through the ages, most of the ancient wisdom cultures have been preserved by oral tradition alone. Due to this, much of ancestral knowledge has been lost or maintained by the few who kept it alive within family heritage.

A primary goal of the project is creating conscious integration, cooperation and autonomy between native communities. This will aid in preservation, growth and accessibility toward understanding ancient wisdom traditions, which had previously been restricted to a limited few. Cultural centers are being modeled with local universities and healing centers for visitors to have an interactive experience that reignites communion and collaboration toward a planetary common good.