Umberlla Oneness Wisdom


1. Harmonic Action (llankay)

May each piece of our work flow in alignment with Source, self, and the world.

2. Unconditional Love (munay)

This is the center of everything. A full embrace and honoring of what is in each moment.

3. Oneness Wisdom (yachay)

We are here to embody Oneness through the realization that separation is suffering.
Each project is committed to opening the doors to experience all as our brothers and
sisters onward all as self.

Advisory Board

The At-Onement Project’s Advisory Board will consist of experts in the field of health,
sustainability, social empowerment, culture preservation and innovative business models
within nonprofit sectors.
The board will meet quarterly to discuss strategy and innovation.

Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors meet on a regular basis and follows appropriate nonprofit by-laws.