healing at-onement travel assist indigenous community family children jason frahmhealing at-onement peru global assist indigenous family children jason frahm community Who We Serve All indigenous cultures and their families.  We work with groups, teachers and others that are interested in learning and supporting indigenous wisdom traditions. We reach out to those in need or who ask for support for those whose lives have been impacted by modern times, natural disasters, famine, and poverty.

What We Do The At-Onement Project’s aim is to aid in the preservation and growth of Indigenous wisdom cultures. We support global unity between these cultures to enable a deeper understanding of traditional healing modalities and provide ways for the modern world to experience and support the honoring of these traditions.  All forms of learning honor the healing of former cultural
wounds and support collective empowerment for future generations.

The program’s objectives are to:

1)  Aid indigenous peoples in the preservation & expansion of ancient wisdom cultures into the modern world.

2)  Provide a cross collaborative platform for people to experience a variety of healing modalities
from indigenous wisdom cultures.

3)  Educate and provide resources on health, proper diet, hygiene and water safety.

4)  Train local school teachers as instructors to provide ongoing programs for the children of their communities.

5)  Provide a framework of support to help the children and their families discover ways to psychologically
and financially support themselves.

6)  Foster a sense of Oneness within the receiver as well as the giver.

7) Develop collaborative eco-villages based on healthy living and holistic sustainable models in order for indigenous communities to maintain wisdom traditions and thrive.

8)  To provide cultural exchange programs between United States residents and local residents in Peru/The Americas, which focus on
permaculture, medicinal healing practices, creative arts and development of trade skills that aid in the preservation of indigenous cultures.